Product Description

The helpdesk system to maximize conversion rates

Customer Service Management CSM is a helpdesk system that helps generate leads and improve conversion rates for ecommerce, through promising features like dynamic know base, 24/7 omni-channel live chat, and multi-department collaboration.

Product Features

24/7 service to maximize conversion rate

ebixPRO’s weekly duty schedule helps you provide seamless professional customer support online. Every inquiry ticket is distributed automatically to the CS representative on duty, which can then be redirected to the other more relevant CS if needed anytime. This empowers the whole CS team to work remotely or to work from home in a 24/7 base, maximizing the conversion rate and ROI on advertisements.

Multi-channel interaction's customer service

Multi-channel live interaction

Inquiries with potential leads can come through live chat/email/SMS, or social media channels like Facebook Messenger and Wechat. All conversations can be labelled for further remarketing and following up.

Self-help desk-dynamic knowledge base

ebixPRO’s help desk system offers dynamic knowledge base that is easy to update based on your customer’s feedbacks and ratings. You can directly showcase brand videos, posters, and promotional POPs in any specified point in the FAQ desk to generate leads.

Brand Building

Brand Building

Your brand style can be highly customized in the html environment. Use branded word styles, put photos and videos, and embed promotions in the knowledge base to enhance your brand proposition and boost your sales.

Real-time Delivery Tracking

Real-time Delivery Tracking

Combined to use with our eShop, customers can track delivery statuses directly in the Helpdesk in real time.

Platform Feature

CSM enables your leads to come through various channels, including live chat, emails, or SMS, or social media like Facebook and Wechat, allowing leads to reach you anytime within a few finger tips.

Set up your work shift schedule for the full time, the part time, the outsourcing partners, and the freelancers in your company to convert leads from inquiries seamlessly, the functions for ticket redirection, history recalling, and preset answers makes an outsider serve as good as a full-time staff, if not better, enabling better cost control to maximize your ROI.

Lead conversion in a single platform

Connecting with eShop, unlocks more power

Installation free, seamless integration

Installation free, seamless integration

 Seamless integration on your ebixPRO applications

 Tailor-made your own ecommerce system

Simplify manpower and collaborate

Simplify manpower and collaborate

• Connecting with CSM, CS can copy and paste shortcut links for pre-set promotion pages. eShop can trace back contributing
CS on confirmed orders, creating incentives for CS to convert orders.

• Connecting with CSM, collaborate on customer service across departments

sales funnel

Connecting with eShop, analyse the full picture for each customer on your sales funnel

• Connecting with eShop, show historical purchase data on CSM backend.

User experience is the core

CSM comes with a dedicated mobile app to extend its convenience to use. CSM users can work anytime, anywhere, and together to lead the customer experience for the success of your business.

CSM comes with a dedicated mobile app

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