Product Description

eShop helps brand owners to establish an owned website, providing thousands of promotion rules to set to choose. Combined with using Google ecommerce tools to operate your local or cross-boarder ecommerce businesses.


Product Features

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Create an eshop app directly from your eShop backend

Quick creation of an eshop app, with one sync database in eShop.

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One backend to manage warehouse and logistic data

Upon receiving an order, eShop automatically split delivery orders according to stock locations to send emails for delivery

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One backend to set and manage promotions

Connect with [promotion engine] to quickly set your promotions to go

Integrating with our CSM module, get much more from the cross over

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

• Pick and use your preferred ebixPRO functions without installation.

• Tailor your system, pay just what you need.

Simplify manpower and collaborate

Simplify manpower and collaborate

• Connecting with CSM, CS can copy and paste shortcut links for pre-set promotion pages. eShop can trace back contributing
CS on confirmed orders, creating incentives for CS to convert orders.

• Connecting with CSM, collaborate on customer service across departments

Data Analysis for Sales Funnel

Data Analysis on your Sales Funnel

• Connecting with CSM, to trace the full picture on each customer for analysis.

connection for Google digital tools

Simple connection for Google digital tools

• Google Ads

• Google Analytics

• Google Tag Manager


Warehouse Support

Warehouse Support

Our eCommerce solution does not end with providing systems, we also provide a complete solution in warehousing, from storage, quality assurance, packing, to delivery. With our support, you may not need to see your products from sourcing to delivery.

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