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customer service can 24/7, Anytime, Anywhere, Real-time reply

Truly 24/7 Available

Anytime • Anywhere • Real-time reply

• Embedded with work shift calendar connected with the ticketing system for automatic ticket distribution
• Dynamic knowledge-base FAQ, allowing customers to self check purchasing and logistic statuses
• Mixed reply modes for online and offline, allowing flexible control on HR costs.

customer service can replt in sms, email or live chat

Handy Communication

Cross-channel reply

• CS can reply in SMS, emails, or Live chat by request

Cross-department collaboration's customer service

Accurate Replies

Cross-department collaboration (personal-centric answers)

• Set up multiple departments for customers to select
• CS can redirect tickets to more relevant departments anytime
• CS managers can participate in on-going conversations, or redirect the tickets to other CS when needed, for quality control.

Are you struggling in the below problems?

Losing growth momentum

Shrinking shop traffic

Squeezing profit margin

Losing competitive edge

High fixed operation cost

Stacking stocks

Connect with new market needs
Trim down operation cost

empowering you with modularised applications to streamline your operation

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Be a leading ecommerce application developer, bridging cross-boarder business globally.



Empower our users to tailor business flows in a smarter way, by providing simple DIY solutions.



Digitalizing and personalizing business operations bring success.

Why choose ebixPRO as your partner?


  • Just-in-time buy & use

  • Handy setup with templates & batch processing


  • Modularised applications

  • Form your most effective operation


  • Innovative applications to reshape your operation

  • Make you lead UX of your customers

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